Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Friends and animals

We had a lovely play date this weekend where Noah got to spend some quality time with his friends Maytal and Ben.  We walked to a local farm, and Noah helped Maytal stay on track.


It was about the cutest thing ever.  They just looked at each other and then decided to hold hands, with no prompting from us.  They chatted a bit as well.  The cuteness was almost unbearable.

The donkeys were out at the farm.


Noah was very brave, and fed the donkeys several carrots (not pictured.  Are you kidding me?  I may be "that parent" who is always taking pictures for her blog, but there is no way I am letting my 15 month old get that close to donkey teeth without my complete attention).


After the farm, we checked out the pond.  There were turtles!

A lovely day overall.  We really learned something.  That something is that donkeys have very large and dexterous lips.

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