Monday, August 4, 2014

Iceland: Dyrhólaey and a bunch of cool rocks

We went to the beach at Reynisdrangar, which had views of Dyrhólaey (below).

Quite spectacular, all around.

And now that we have established that the landscape was astonishing basically whichever way you looked, let's talk about the rocks.

So many different cool-looking rocks, all melted into each other

It's like just when you wrap your head around the huge flat sandstone-like ones stuck right in the middle of the pokey basalt-type ones you notice the smooth white ones in the front that are each the size of a manatee.

After visiting Iceland I can totally understand why someone would want to be a geologist.


About the basalt columns... 

It's hard to convey the scale of these things.  

Oh and did I mention the sand is black?

Along the caves and the edges of the paths, there were all these little rock piles.  

We saw them here first, but they kept popping up again and again as we visited different places.  I guess a kind of graffiti that doesn't involve actually damaging anything.

This one's ours. :)

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