Friday, August 1, 2014

Iceland: hot springs

Phew, that was a nice blogging break, huh?  At any rate, as you may recall, at the beginning of this month Chad and I went to Iceland.  It was amazing, spectacularly beautiful and unlike any place I have ever seen.  Also, pretty good beer.

We arrived in the morning and went to soak in a hot spring called the blue lagoon.

I know!  Can you believe this place is real?  The water really was that color.  And kind of shimmery and steamy.  And it was a windy day so there would be these puffs of steam floating across the lava rocks.  The cool, windy weather made swimming in the hot spring very comfortable as long as we stayed closer to the spring sources where the water was hot.

We soaked in the swimming area for a good long while and then had some lunch and walked around the rocks.  The swimming area was full of people, but the surrounding landscape was pretty empty and with lots more geothermal pools.

In addition to the water, in this area the rock itself was unlike any I have seen before.  Miles and miles of fields of lava rock, some of it old enough to be covered in moss and occasionally a bit of dirt or grass.

More Iceland pictures to come!

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