Sunday, June 3, 2007

First guests!

Work done!, originally uploaded by rzpytel.

Mom and Sue came down this weekend to check out the house and help us learn how to do a lot of handy stuff. They were so so so so helpful and we had a ton of fun. They arrived on Saturday when we had about 20 staples left in the carpet removal project, so they helped us finish that and then we spent the rest of the day planning and shopping. Then on Sunday we did more than I realized possible:
  1. Replaced dryer vent with metal tube, added small animal cover
  2. Replaced washer tubes and water switch
  3. Replaced trap in bathroom sinks, checked traps in other sinks
  4. Cleaned and killed lots of mold in bathroom
  5. Re-caulked bathtub
  6. Re-covered hole in back of house (old dryer vent)
  7. Re-hung bathroom door to fix stickiness
  8. Cleaned and mopped all newly bare floors
  9. Checked outlets for grounding
  10. Fixed loose floorboards in dining room and living room
  11. Peeled area of loose paint in stairwell and patched with joint compound
All this by 1:30 in the afternoon, time enough to have lunch and head back home. What an amazing team to accomplish all this! Thank you so much to mom and Sue!!

Here's to next time, where we might have more furniture so Chad doesn't have to run his business from a lawn chair. Though I suspect the chandelier safety device may still be necessary, in order to prevent further collisions with the light.

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