Tuesday, June 19, 2007


To address some questions you might have:

Question 1: Isn't it inconvineint to have all of your furnitute shoved to the side of only a few rooms in anticipation of having the floors redone?

Answer 1: Yes. Highly inconvinient. However, one very nice side effect is that Chad and I have been eating most of our meals outside under our big tree. It's been really hot here (in the 90s) but it's nice and cool under the tree.

Question 2: How's the painting going?

Answer 2: Sweaty. Tiring. But moving right along. So far I've managed to paint the living room and the master bedroom... stay tuned for the grand unveiling.

Living room taped............... and painted

Bedroom painted
Question 3: What's next?

Answer 3: We head to Boston on Thursday and Friday, and when we're gone the floors are getting refinished (yay!). So this means all day tomorrow will be spent moving everything we own into our kitchen and laundry room (luckily we don't own that much stuff). Pictures to follow once they're done!

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