Saturday, June 16, 2007

settling in to work

After 3 days of working all day on a card table and folding chair, my back and neck started to hurt, so it was defintely time to get my new desk and chair. Prepared with lots of directions, we set out Thursday night to go to Staples, Ikea, and the Apple store which is in the King of Prussia Mall (I also needed a new keyboard).

The trip to Staples was easy and I ended up getting the same chair we use at the office for conference room chairs (on sale, no less!). We then headed to Ikea, and despite having directions, we managed to miss a turn and went about 5 miles off track, eventually stumbling upon the mall. The King of Prussia Mall is in the town of King of Prussia. Honestly, who names a town "King of Prussia?"

Anyway, the KoP Mall is hands down, the largest mall I have ever been in. We're talking absurdley big here. It took a few minutes to locate and walk to the Apple store. By this point, we had driven around tyring to find the mall for a while, so we were getting down to the wire. Once we left the mall, we only had an hour before Ikea closed. That'd probably be fine, except that we didn't know how to get to Ikea from where we were.

With our fingers crossed, and a few wrong turns later we ended up at Ikea at 8:30, a half-hour before it was to close. We rushed to the work area section, picked out the desk (I already knew which one I wanted) and made it to the checkout just as Ikea was officially closing. Of course, the desk wouldn't fit in the car. Luckily we were able to tie it to the roof of the car, and we were on our way.

The next morning, I set up the desk and chair and was on my way to a productive work day in the new office, with no sore back or neck at the end of it.

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