Tuesday, June 19, 2007


You would not believe the man we had in our house today. We signed up to get a quote to replace three little windows on our third floor. Two other people had already come by, measured the windows, talked to us for a while, produced a quote, and left. But not this guy. He had a full presentation complete with several demonstration windows (with carrying handles) and a heat lamp. He was so sleazy it was almost unreal. "I know, Chad and Rachel, that you are people concerned about quality things." Totally scripted. He actually repeated some of his lines word for word, more than once. He showed us one example of the "competitor's" window, which was jury-rigged such that the seams pulled apart when he shook it around. He showed us his window (obviously this one didn't pull apart), and then put his window on the floor and jumped and stomped on the glass to show how strong it was. He talked at us for over an hour and never asked what kind of windows we actually wanted (much cheaper than what he sells). He gave us a quote, then discounted it 10%, then LITERALLY CALLED (or pretended to call) SOMEONE TO GET A SPECIAL DEAL THAT WE COULD ONLY GET TODAY. Are you kidding me? People actually fall for this garbage? This all after we told him several times we wouldn't make a decision today. The special deal was about half of his original quote, showing us the price was really totally arbitrary. So we showed him the door. It was amazing. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't believe he actually existed.

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