Friday, June 1, 2007

Our First Few Days

We had an ambitious schedule starting on Thursday, where we left bright an early for Ambler, PA. We arrived a early, so we grabbed some lunch at the local deli, and then headed to the house to wait for the realtor to arrive.

We did the walkthrough - I think we were both smiling the whole time. Admittedly, having been almost 3 months since we had last seen the house, I think we were worried that we didn't remember some bad things about it, or something. But, everything was as we hoped, and from there we headed to the realtor's office for the closing!

We arrived for the closing, where we finally met our mortgage broker face-to-face and went over all the paper work. Everything being in order, the other parties arrived and we got things underway. About 20 signatures each later, we were the proud owners of our very first house.

We hightailed it back with the keys and unloaded our stuff from the car, and made our first of what will likely be many trips to home depot to buy wonderbards, gloves, exacto knives, and various other carpet removal equipment.

Arriving back at the house, we hit the town to experience all that Ambler had to offer. I have to say that its great to be moving to a place with happy hours and drink specials.

The next morning we woke up bring and early, went for a run around town, grabbed some breakfast and then set to work on pulling up the carpet. If you've never pulled up carpet before, there are two essential tools you'll need - a wonderbar and gloves.

We we were well into the carpet removal process when the Verizon technician arrived to begin installing our FiOS internet and TV service. 5 and a half hours later, he'd be finished and we'd be fully operational. So now we can write this blog. :)

We managed to get all the carpet out of the second floor, and the staples and boards out of two of the rooms and the upstairs hallway. The floors need some work, but I think it looks better already. Needless to say, we're exhausted. Can't wait to see where I'm sore tomorrow...

Also, we'll try to keep updating this as things progress. We'll take tons of pictures, which you can see on Flickr, by clicking the images to the right of the blog.

Before, with carpet (boo)
After carpet removal (watch for staples!)

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  1. So cool - thanks so much for posting - looking forward to seeing it, but in the meantime this is great!