Friday, June 29, 2007

Laundry Score

The battle of wits: old, moldy laundry machine vs. Rachel and Chad. The winner: Rachel and Chad, decided by KO.

Background: The house came with an old, moldy washer and dryer. They worked, but the washer hoses were breaking down and needed to be replaced. Sue helped us replace the hoses, but had a very hard time tightening everything down enough that it wouldn't leak. For about a week the washer worked fine but the water switch leaked. Then finally, with lots of effort and plumber's putty, we fixed the leak. Literally a day later, the washer started walking across the floor and throwing water everywhere (but not out of the original leak, or any leaks we could find - the water was literally being thrown out of the bin). At this point we had had enough.

Result: we spent some money and got some sweet new laundry machines . They were delivered today (and the nasty old ones were hauled away, leaving us as the winners of the laundry battle). I am very excited because our new space-age washer only uses 14 gallons of water/wash (as opposed to 40 for a normal washer). We have to go buy special detergent because regular needs too much water. I am also very excited that both machines have cute little displays telling me what is going on and how much time is left. We have the smartest laundry machines in the world. Ok, except for the super super fancy ones that cost a grand each and wash your clothes with steam, then fold, iron and put them away for you. But I swear these are the next best thing.

At first Max was curious about the space ships in our laundry room, but then one started to spin and she decided she was terrified of them. I expect that to last about two days until she realizes they are fun to climb on.

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  1. Just happened to be passing by and read about your washer/dryer. Please see my post about Clothes Dryers (June). Sonja