Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Graduation Craziness

Hooding, originally uploaded by rzpytel.
Photo from Brian Hemond (thanks!)

It’s been a crazy week since last posting, with the whole crew up for hooding and graduation.

We even had a bit of time for fun stuff, with a tasting at Harpoon Brewery, one last dinner at Vinny's, some quality sister time (with Jello!) and an afternoon history lesson with Sue and Rachel scaling the Bunker Hill monument (294 stairs).

And a chance to check out Mortal Kombat for Wii at our goodbye party

Then, before you know it, the movers are here and it’s time to go to Philadelphia. Just to recap and be clear about exactly how crazy our last bit of time has been:

Thursday (May 31): buy house

Friday – Sunday: Tear up carpets, fix stuff, visit w/Mom and Sue, drive back to Boston

Monday – Wednesday: Work. Make arrangements for leaving. Last volleyball practice. Sarah and Al arrive.

Thursday: Mom, Sue, Dad, Melanie arrive. Hooding, Brewery tour, Dinner at Vinny’s

Friday: Graduation, Reception, Visit Bunker Hill + USS constitution, Leftover Smorgasbord, kids go meet Thoughtbot guys for drinks

Saturday: Sarah and Rachel shop all day, Big party at night

Sunday: people leave ~2am, Rachel takes Sarah and Al airport ~6am, spends the bulk of the day cleaning out her lab space.

Monday (June 11): Early am trip to Chad’s office to pick up last stuff. Chad stays at work, Rachel gets thoroughly lost, almost drives into a bus, then goes to MIT to drop off thesis copies and make sure she’s totally cleaned out. Then movers arrive and we’re outta here. Unfortunately they pack up the network router first so this post will have to wait until I find other access.

update (Tuesday, June 12): We are obviously insane and drove to Ambler last night after the movers left (~8pm). We got in ~2am. But we're here!

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  1. ah, my big sister's all grown up and in the real world now! congrats from me and Nils!