Thursday, June 14, 2007

Toilet score

Final score: Downstairs Toilet: 1, Rachel: 2. Rachel wins!

Background: After Chad and I closed on the house, we came home, unloaded our stuff, and got ready to go out and celebrate. As we're walking out the door we hear water running. We go check it out, and the toilet has overflowed and flooded the bathroom. Keep in mind we've been homeowners for all of two hours at this point.

So the downstairs toilet gets one point for that sneak attack (we did use it before buying the house and it worked fine) and for discouraging any work by being totally disgusting.

Rachel gets 2 points for braving the grossness, removing the offending broken equipment (below left), and cleaning it all up and installing a shiny new fill valve and flapper (right).

It actually wasn't even very hard - I just bought a fill valve and flapper kit (Fluidmaster brand) at home depot and swapped them out following the instructions. If only the washing machine leak could be thwarted so easily...


  1. Hmm...your photo links are broken for this post and the last. FYI!

  2. Apparently Blogger hates us... hopefully it will work now. Sorry about that.