Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My new friend.

I'd like to introduce my new best friend/worst enemy, Rally. By that I mean the Rally 16" Rachel-powered mower. I just spent over two hours (no I am not making this up, Chad can confirm) using every bit of strength I could muster to push him across our lawn. Our lawn was out of control (lots of sun + thunderstorms = happy grass = Rachel is afraid). It took me a while to get the height adjusted so it was even possible to move the mower over the forest of grass, but eventually I got it going. Then our neighbors offered to let me borrow their power mower any time, and I turned them down and spent over two hours mowing our tiny lawn. They must be sure I am insane now. Apparently I am a glutton for punishment, but maybe I don't need to worry about finding a gym. At the end of the trial, the lawn is shorter than it was before, and I think future mowing adventures will go much better. That is, if the feeling ever returns to my arms.

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